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The 4th competition of this European League will be held in Milan

What is EFBLU?
EFBLU (European Football Business League United) is a non-profit private limited company born in 2016 which unites European organizers of football leagues and tournaments for corporate teams, and has the mission to oversee, develop and promote corporate football in Europe, streghthening the cooperation among the European organizations which run football business.

Serie I - Campionato per Imprese is delighted to announce that the EFBLU European Tour 4 will land in Milan in the 2019 edition of the tournament.
The tournament will take place in our headquarter, Centro Sportivo Sant'Ambrogio (via De Nicola 3, Milano), it will be on 7th and 8th December and it's for 5-side-teams. 
EFBLU and SERIE I, after two years of negotiations, have found an agreement that give the opportunity to the best 3 Serie I teams to go playing in Europe the next edition of this tournament: the two finalists of the companies' trophy (Trofeo delle Aziende) will be entitled to enter the next edition of the tournament, as will the third classified!
In Milan there will be 16 teams and the tournament will be played in two days: saturday and sunday, from 10 am to 2 pm.
Companies from all of Europe are getting ready to fight in this fantastic Milan's Christmas Edition!
Who will play at EFBLU?
1. Energetik  (Bielorussia)
2. Catena Racing Team (Romania)
3. Rompetrol (Romania)
4. Hidroconstructia (Romania)
5. Gemini Solutions (Romania)
6. PEPSI (Romania)
7. Intel (Russia)
8. PKO Bank Polski (Polonia)
9. Raben (Polonia)
10. Odelo Slovenjia (Slovenia)
11. Cinkarna Celje (Slovenia)
12. OB Serviss (Lettonia)
13. Fun sports (Portogallo)
14. Ministero Affari Interni (Georgia)
The last two places are still not confirmed and there's the possibility to see an Italian Company playing in this fantastic event!
During the tournament CUN and EFBLU will guarantee:
- 4 football pitches with artificial grass
- cups and medals
- balls
- video and photo coverage
- match statistics
- player interviews
- small lunch
- water
- referees
- technical staff
- medical person
- speaker
- PlayStation tournament
EFBLU's motto is "Passion, fun and fair play", more or less the same as CUN ones.